32 December
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32 December
32 December
Director:Luciano De Crescenzo
Cast:Luciano De Crescenzo, Massimo Serato, Enzo Cannavale
Duration:101 min

This three-part romantic comedy illustrates that people are never too old to fall in love and often act too old when they are young. Silvio Ceccato plays a man who believes he is Socrates. His concerned wife hires two actors of questionable talent to play his "disciples." Soon the wife and the man's own psychiatrist are questioning their own sanity. Part two finds the 65 year old Carlotta as the attractive widow who acts like a teenager. When she falls in love, her conservative son Oscar and his wife try to stop her -- in fear she will spend their inheritance. The third story finds the impoverished Alphonso wandering the street on New Years Eve hoping to buy fireworks for his young sons. He meets a learned astronomer who explains how the new year should really fall a week later. The happy Alphonso accepts the explanation and explodes a cherry bomb the following week, which leads to his arrest.

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