In a magnetic performance, Vittorio De Sica is Emanuele Bardone, a petty thief hired by the Nazis to impersonate an Italian resistance leader, General della Rovere, and infiltrate a group of resistance prisoners in a Milan prison. Gradually, and wrestling with his conscience for the first time, Bardone loses himself in his role and not merely pretends to be a hero of the resistance but actually becomes one, first encouraging his fellow prisoners to show courage. 

Roberto Rossellini’s gripping drama, a rare box-office breakthrough for the legendary neorealist, is further evidence of the compassionate artistry of one of cinema’s most important voices.

Director:Roberto Rossellini
Cast:Vittorio De Sica, Hannes Messemer, Giovanna Ralli, Sandra Milo
Duration:129 min
General Della Rovere
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