In the Wild West the bandits Franco and Ciccio, being unlucky in robberies, have an ingenious way to collect money. Ciccio gets captured by the guards of the sheriffs, while Franco, enjoying the bounty of money, saves his friend shortly before he is hanged every time. But one day Franco is unable to save his friend from a death sentence, and he believe Ciccio lost forever. After consulate drunk in a saloon, and having also won a lot of money playing poker, Franco meets magically Ciccio. He is not dead, and he plans to take revenge on Franco, but when he discovers with his friend the existence of a great treasure, buried in the desert of the West, the two friends that take up the membership.

Director:Gianni Grimaldi
Cast:Franco Franchi, Ciccio Ingrassia, Mimmo Palmara
Duration:92 min
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