Naples... Serenade for Caliber 9
Original Version with English Subtitles
Naples... Serenade for Caliber 9
Naples... Serenade for Caliber 9
Director:Alfonso Brescia
Cast:Rita De Simone, Mario Merola, Nick Jordan, Nino Vingelli, Nunzio Gallo
Duration:83 min

Don Salvatore Savastano, boss of cigarette smuggling, loses his wife and only child killed by four masked robbers, while the family, gathered at a restaurant, celebrated the First Communion of children. Since that moment Don Salvatore has no other purpose in life than do justice with his own hands the four killers. Marili, the betrayed lover boss Totonno O'Pazzo, wants to take revenge on him and he's going to punish him to Don Salvatore revealing his guilt and the names of his accomplices. A Totonno man, however, discovers his intentions...

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